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Benefits of MIPS Chromebook laptops

Until now we have seen x86 chromium netbooks and ARM powered chromebook laptops. But soon we will see chrome OS-powered MIPS chromebook laptops. MIPS is currently owned by Imagination Technologies. Lately Coreboot which is open source BIOS has been updated to support MIPS laptops.

mips chromebooks


Best 12 inch laptop of 2015 your money can buy

A lot of business users prefer a 12 inch laptop over 13 and 14 inch laptops as they are way more easier to carry around. Believe it or not but even a 13 inch laptop feels bigger than a 12 inch laptop. It is unreal how much one inch can make when it comes to portability.

Best 12 inch laptop of 2015


Lenovo Z70-80 features brings high end features under 1000 euros

The Lenovo Z70-80 is the new 17 inch multimedia laptop that has recently surfaced on European shop online shops. It is available in stores for a price tag of somewhere between 700 and 900 Euros. Measuring 418 x 283 x 25.2 mm, the Lenovo Z70-80 weighs mere 3 kilograms.

Lenovo Z70-80


Fujitsu Stylistic Q775, Lifebook T935 and T725 specifications

During a Japanese event, Fujitsu officially launched its new Tablet PC with Intel fifth generation Core  i-series processors. Three devices were made official: first is the hybrid Stylistic Q775 laptop while the other two, Lifebook T935 and T725 are convertible computers.

Fujitsu Lifebook T935


Lenovo Ideapad G500S hard disk and RAM upgrade guide

Lenovo Ideapad G500S is an amazing laptop and just like most of the Ideapad laptops, it is very easy to upgrade the hard disk (to bigger HDD or SSD) and RAM. To upgrade the RAM, you will need to buy yourself DDR3L chips.

To upgrade either RAM or hard disk on the Lenovo Ideapad G500S, first unscrew the three screws that hold the back panel. Make sure you have removed battery just to be on the safe side. Slide the panel in north direction to take it off. On the top left side you will find one or two RAM chips depending on your laptop configuration.

Lenovo Ideapad G500S hard disk and RAM upgrade guide


Alienware 13 is the lightest gaming notebook from Dell

Dell has released Alienware 13 and claims that it is the lightest and smallest gaming notebook out there. It is the smallest of the current as the company used to offer M11x two years ago which sported smaller chassis and 11.6 inch screen. 

Alienware 13 Specifications


Asus GX500 Specifications include 4K display and 19mm thickness

Asus is on the roll in making Macbook Pro inspired laptops. Yesterday it released Asus NX500 which was super thin and today the company has churned out GX500. Like its cousin NX500, this gaming laptop features a 15. inch display packing a whopping 3840×2160 pixel resolution. The display covers 100 percent of NTSC color gamut.

asus gx500


Toshiba launches Satellite L50-B-1GC and L70-B-113 in Europe

European division of Toshiba has released couple of new laptops, Satellite L50-B-1GC and L70-B-113 in Europe. The L50 comes with:

Intel Pentium N3530 CPU
8 gigabytes of RAM
1 terabyte hard disk drive
DVD writer
15.6 inch HD display

Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1GC L70-B-113

On the other hand, the Toshiba Satellite L70 comes with a bigger 17.3 inch HD+ display packing 1600×900 pixel resolution, Intel Core i7 4700HQ processor, 750 GB of hard disk and 8GB of main memory. It also has discrete AMD Radeon R9 M265x GPU. Folks at evleaks suggest that these Toshiba Satellite laptops will go on sale for 450 and 900 euros for L50-B and L70-B respectively.

Acer TravelMate B115 and Aspire E3-111, upcoming fanless touchscreen laptops

The Taiwanese computer maker, Acer has introduced Acer Aspire E3 and the Acer TravelMate B115, two identical and low-cost 11.6-inch notebooks with a touchscreen panel. The devices will be released after a week from now but Acer’s own website and various distributors already released enough information about them including pictures and detailed specifications.

Here is a picture of Acer Aspire E3 dressed in pink color. But do not worry it will also be offered in black, blue, brown and silver colors. It comes with a 11.6 inch display with 1366×768 pixel resolution which is also a touchscreen.

Under the hood, there is an Intel Celeron N2830 which is a based on the “Bay Trail” platform. It has dual cores with 2.16 GHz which switches to 2.42 GHz under turbo boost mode if required.

Acer TravelMate B115 Aspire E3-111 specifications


Toshiba Satellite M 50 D-A-10D Specs Price

Toshiba Satellite M 50 D-A-10D is a new 15.6 inch notebook with AMD APU. It runs windows 8.1 operating system and retails a suggested price of EUR 499. The 15.6-inch display of the Satellite M 50 D-A-10D offers a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels and is non-reflective. The weight of this Toshiba notebook is 2.2 kg, and the overall height is 21.3 millimeters.

Toshiba Satellite M 50 D-A-10D review