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Movavi Mac Cleaner: Must have mac utility app

Even the most powerful Mac has the tendency of slowing down after few months of usage. This is because a lot of trash and junk files keep piling up in your hard disk resulting in slugging performance. Fortunately, by installing a cleaning utility like Movavi Mac Cleaner, you can delete these junk files within few minutes and make Mac faster again.
Movavi Mac Cleaner review


Macbook: Turn Off Wi-Fi in Sleep Mode

In case you are new to Macbook laptops, you might have noticed your laptop Wi-Fi is on when it comes out of sleep mode. And since it is running all the time, you feel that your battery life is shorter. There is nothing to find when you go into system preferences. So how do you turn off wireless LAN in sleep mode?

Macbook Turn Off Wi-Fi in Sleep Mode


Alienware M11x: Download Nvidia Optimus Driver

While Dell does not officially support Windows 10 on Alienware M11x, there are ways by which you can download and install Nvidia Optimus driver on your laptop. When you install Windows 10 on Alienware M11x, the latest Intel graphics driver is installed automatically.

Alienware M11x Download Nvidia Optimus Driver


Lenovo W520 Windows 10 Compatibility

So the Lenovo has left the W520 off its Windows 10 compatibility list and this has surprised many as this is one of their premium laptops. Some are not even able to get Windows 10 to load. One of the reasons is that Nvidia Optimus implementation on the Lenovo W520 sucks.

Lenovo W520 Windows 10


HP Spectre 13T-3000 Battery Replacement

HP Spectre 13T-3000 is an excellent notebook but it comes with a internal battery that is not very user replaceable. However you can buy it on ebay by searching the part number, 734998-001. Changing HP Spectre 13T-3000 battery should take less than 10 minutes.

HP Spectre 13T-3000 bettery replacement 


Dell XPS 1645 Windows 10 Upgrade, details inside

We just installed Windows 10 upgrade on my Dell XPS 1645 and it went fine except for some niggles here and there. Everything works out of box but if your Dell XPS 1645 came with Bluetooth onboard, you will have some trouble getting it to work. So I located some Windows 10 Broadcom Bluetooth drivers from the Lenovo web site which seems to have worked. While the installation program didn’t complete but drivers did get installed as seen in the device manager.

Dell XPS 1645 Windows 10 Upgrade


RX148 360 Degree Rotatable webcam for Laptop

It is sad to see that even the most powerful laptops come with poor, low resolution webcams. If you frequently do video calling with friends, family or clients, it is very important to get a quality webcam. We recommend getting the RX148 360 Degree Rotatable webcam.



HP ENVY 15 ae020ng Review, multimedia notebook with gaming ambitions

ENVY 15 ae020ng comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, full HD display and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card. A lot of power for less than 1,000 euros. Find out the multimedia and gaming performance in this HP ENVY 15 ae020ng review.

HP ENVY 15 ae020ng Review test


Asus N552VX specifications, packs GeForce GTX 950M graphics card

Asus N552VX was launched at Computex 2015 event. Asus N552VX specifications include 6th generation (Skylake) Intel Core processor, DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card and the Windows 10 operating system.

Asus N552VX specifications


MSI PE60 PE70 feature Core i7-4720HQ and Nvidia 950M or 960M

MSI has introduced a new range of mainstream laptops called the Prestige and first two models to debut in this range are MSI PE60 and MSI PE70 which will retail at € 1199 and € 1299 respectively. Both laptops feature Intel Core i7-4720HQ and GeForce GTX 950M or GTX 960m.

MSI PE60 PE70 review