Acer TravelMate B115 and Aspire E3-111, upcoming fanless touchscreen laptops

The Taiwanese computer maker, Acer has introduced Acer Aspire E3 and the Acer TravelMate B115, two identical and low-cost 11.6-inch notebooks with a touchscreen panel. The devices will be released after a week from now but Acer’s own website and various distributors already released enough information about them including pictures and detailed specifications.

Here is a picture of Acer Aspire E3 dressed in pink color. But do not worry it will also be offered in black, blue, brown and silver colors. It comes with a 11.6 inch display with 1366×768 pixel resolution which is also a touchscreen.

Under the hood, there is an Intel Celeron N2830 which is a based on the “Bay Trail” platform. It has dual cores with 2.16 GHz which switches to 2.42 GHz under turbo boost mode if required.

Acer TravelMate B115 Aspire E3-111 specifications

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Acer Aspire E1-531-2697, 4444, 6650, 6492

Acer Aspire E1 is a 15.6 inch notebook that is the cheapest of company’s range, if you exclude their super cheap netbooks. Thus, do not expect it to blow its premium notebooks and most of the notebooks out there in terms of performance, especially from its entry level model – E1 531 2697 that comes with Intel Celeron B820 processor.

Acer Aspire E1-531-2697 4444 6650 6492 specs review

If the Celeron B820 performance is not good enough for (mind you, it got 2080 in the passmark benchmark test), you can go for E1-531-4444, E1-571-6650 or E1-571-6492 that come with Intel Pentium B950, Intel Core i3 2370m 2.4GHz and Intel Core i5 2450M dual core 3.1GHz processor.

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Packard Bell NE, TE

Packard Bell, a subsidiary of Acer has rolled out a couple of new notebooks under its new EasyNote E-series category in the European market. Both notebooks feature processor that fall under Intel Sandy Bridge architecture (Core i3, i5 and Celeron CPUs) and pack HD resolution (1366 x 768).

packard bell easynote ne te

The only difference between the two is the fact that the EasyNote NE comes with a 14 inch display while the EasyNote TE is equipped with a bigger 15.6 inch screen.

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Acer P643, P633, P653

Acer has released P6 series that includes three new notebooks P643, P633 and P653. Available in sizes from 13 to 15 inches, these Acer notebooks are build with business users in mind. All have housing made from magnesium alloy and have specially designed display hinges.

Acer P643, P633, P653 specs

P643 has 14 inch display; Acer P653 has 15 inch display and both feature Nvidia GT 640M discrete graphics card. On the other hand, Acer P633 has 13 inch display and relies on its integrated graphics card for graphics. They all have Ivy Bridge processors and allow user to use Acer Pro Dock that gives you extra USB 3.0 ports, DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI and a VGA port.

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Gateway NV-75S26U

If you are in the market for a decent 17.3 inch notebook without breaking your bank, then you should definitely check out the Gateway NV-75S26U notebook that has 17.3 inch screen that packs 1600 x 900 pixel resolution. These extra pixels will allow you to work on two windows simultaneously. While we wish it was powered by the new Ivy Bridge Intel CPUs, this Acer notebook sports the still-very-capable AMD A6 3420M processor that runs at 1.5GHz clock speed.

Gateway NV-75S26U review

Like AMD A6 3400M, the A6 3420M also comes with Radeon HD 6520G GPU. Other specs include 4GB RAM, 320GB hard disk, DVD writer, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, HDMI, 1.3 mega pixel webcam and a 6 cell battery.

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