eMachines eME443 review

Tablets are overtaking the netbooks in terms of sale real fast which has forced a lot of notebook makers to shift their focus from netbooks to tablets. However, some manufactures still believe that there is a market for super cheap notebooks and after using the eMachines eME443 bz602 for a while, I can safely say that they are right. Read on to know more about this notebook.

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The eMachines eME443 is not a netbook. It is a full fledge notebook with the standard 15.6 inch display that is targeted at the students and people who want to own a cheap, yet capable notebook. eME443 is powered by an AMD Ontario Fusion C50 processor which is a 1GHz dual core processor with integrated ATi Radeon HD 6250 graphics card. Other specs include 250GB hard disk, 2GB RAM, 0.3 mega pixel webcam, VGA and 3 USB 2.0 ports. Build quality is surprisingly great for such a cheap notebook. The lid has matte surface that does not catches fingerprints easily. The display is glossy though. Screen is very bright and color saturation is nice.

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I was disappointed to see that there is no HDMI out on the eME443 BZ602 but that is understandable given its 330 dollar price tag. That is funny as the GPU is fully capable of handling full HD (1080p) videos. On its right side, there is a DVD writer and two USB 2.0 ports. On the left, there is single VGA and USB port.

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The keyboard and touchpad is similar to the eMachines eM355 netbook that I own. However, it does packs in an extra numeric keypad which will be loved by those who input numbers a lot. Typing experience is amazing. The keys felt very solid and comfortable to our digits even though the space between the keys is very little. Touchpad does not supports multi touch gestures so you would not be able to do the fancy two finger scrolling. That said, the touchpad does work like a charm, even though there is room for a wider touchpad. Mouse buttons make a click sound that confirm button press.


Performance wise, AMD C50 does a great job in handling multi tasking and media playback. As said earlier, the integrated ATi 6250 GPU handles full HD video as well. It does takes around a minute to load up the windows 7 but once loaded, you will not notice any significant slowdowns unless you are trying to run something very CPU intensive. If your usage involves Skype, Photoshop, office apps or / and web browsing, you will no complains with this notebook. Heck, you can even play some games at low / medium level as GPU is really very powerful. I was able to get 55-60 FPS in Super Street fighter IV Arcade Edition game. Wonderful. Here is how its CPU (AMD C50) compares with other popular processors (AMD MV40, E350, Atom N455) in the same category.


While I would loved if Acer, the company behind eMachines had equipped it with AMD A6 or even A4, but that would have increased the overall costs as well. Keep in mind that eMachines eme443-bz602 is a bit on the chunky side and if you yearn for slim notebook, get a sub notebook (cheap) or an ultrabook (very expensive). Thus, if you are in a market for a cheap full fledge notebook, there are not a lot of options and eme443 is not a bad machine. I do recommend getting it over any netbook if size is not a problem.