Gateway NV-75S26U

If you are in the market for a decent 17.3 inch notebook without breaking your bank, then you should definitely check out the Gateway NV-75S26U notebook that has 17.3 inch screen that packs 1600 x 900 pixel resolution. These extra pixels will allow you to work on two windows simultaneously. While we wish it was powered by the new Ivy Bridge Intel CPUs, this Acer notebook sports the still-very-capable AMD A6 3420M processor that runs at 1.5GHz clock speed.

Gateway NV-75S26U review

Like AMD A6 3400M, the A6 3420M also comes with Radeon HD 6520G GPU. Other specs include 4GB RAM, 320GB hard disk, DVD writer, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, HDMI, 1.3 mega pixel webcam and a 6 cell battery.

AMD A6 3420M review / benchmark: This processor was introduced back in the month of December, 2011 along with 3430MX, AMD A8 3520M and 3550MX processors. In the PCMark Vantage benchmark test, the AMD A6 3420M processor got 4504 points, which is higher than the recently tested AMD A4 3305M and AMD A4 3300 (scored 3672 and 3676 respectively in the same benchmark test). AMD A8 3520m review and benchmark.

AMD A6 3420M benchmark

The processor has more than enough power to handle your video, web browsing and office needs. Even though the processor is very capable and can do much more than the Atom N2800 (Read Intel Atom N2800 review) netbook processor, we do not recommend it to gamers and folks who are into video editing.

Radeon HD 6520G review: As we said earlier, the AMD A6 3420M is accompanied by Radeon HD 6520G GPU that handles full 1080p video like a charm. It scored a solid 5250 in the 3DMark Vantage benchmark test.