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Macbook: Turn Off Wi-Fi in Sleep Mode

In case you are new to Macbook laptops, you might have noticed your laptop Wi-Fi is on when it comes out of sleep mode. And since it is running all the time, you feel

Macbook 2015 and Windows 7 support

Macbook 2015 is the latest Apple laptop that does away with windows 7 support. So if you want to run windows on Macbook 2015, you will have to go with the Windows 8 64

Apple Macbook Air 2012 Geekbench

Last year, Apple released Macbook Air with Sandy bridge processors and last week, it updated those models with Ivy Bridge CPUs. In this post, will be comparing the geekbench, the ultimate Mac benchmark tool

Enable TRIM in Mac OS X Lion

If you are a using a third party SSD that supports TRIM, then, you will manually have to patch it in order to make the TRIM enabled on your Macbook Pro. It requires you

Macbook Air 11, 13 2011 Geekbench

Geekbench is a very popular way of measuring the performance of memory and processor. It is a used by a lot of online publications and that is why we also use it in our