Macbook Air 11, 13 2011 Geekbench

Geekbench is a very popular way of measuring the performance of memory and processor. It is a used by a lot of online publications and that is why we also use it in our labs. We had a chance to run the Geekbench benchmark on both of the new Macbook Air notebooks from Apple and were pretty impressed by their awesome performance. Both 32 bit and 64 bit tests were done.

Macbook Air 2012 benchmark

Here are the results obtained:


Macbook Air 2011 13 inch Benchmarks

First the Macbook Air 13 inch with the Core i5 processor – 32 bit. It obtained 5814 points and believe it or not, there was no fan noise at all.

macbook-air-13-2011-core-5-geekbench (click==big)

In 64 bit mode, the same notebook got 5879.


The Core i7 (core i7 2677m), as expected yielded better performance and higher scores.


In 64-bit – Core i7 – Macbook Air 13 2011 model


Macbook Air 11 inch 2011 Benchmarks

The 11.6 inch model with Core i7 in 32 bit mode got 5767 geekbench points.


The core i5 2460m got 5032 in 64 bit mode.


As you can see that is a quite a lot of power packed into such tiny form factor. In real world tests, the speed, swiftness of Mac OS X Lion, SSD together with powerful processor make the Macbook Air the perfect ultraportable notebook.