Apple Macbook Air 2012 Geekbench

Last year, Apple released Macbook Air with Sandy bridge processors and last week, it updated those models with Ivy Bridge CPUs. In this post, will be comparing the geekbench, the ultimate Mac benchmark tool for the Mac computers. Apple introduced two new models – MD231LL/A and MD232LL/A. The MD231LL/A is the low end model, while MD232LL/A is the top end model.

Macbook Air 2012 Geekbench benchmark

Compared to the 13 inch 2011 model that came with Core i5 2557m processor, that scored 5260 in the geek bench test, the new MD232LL/A with Core i7 3667U got 7007 points. The low end model, MD231LL/A scored 6915 in the same test.

Macbook Air 2011 geekbench benchmark

Those scores are surely very impressive, and the inclusion of slim chassis, fast SSD and free Mountain Lion (v10.8) makes the new Macbook Air (2012) a very impressive package.

Cases reviewed on for the Macbook Air – PDAir and Gelaskins.