Asus B9440UA Review: Rugged laptop with MIL standard

Asus B9440UA Review

Asus B9440UA is a 14 inch laptop with rugged laptop that complies with MIL standard. It is a mobile notebook that combines high robustness and slimness, especially for business use. The main body size is 321.3 × 216.2 × 15 mm (width × depth × height) and the weight is about 1.05 kg. It has unique design with ports on its hinges. As the hinge goes down, the keyboard tilts at the angle of about 7 degrees toward you for best typing position. However, since hinge opens up to about 180 degrees, it will not be difficult to use even when it is placed on a knee but on a desk, Asus B9440UA will offer excellent typing position.

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Asus GX500 Specifications include 4K display and 19mm thickness

Asus is on the roll in making Macbook Pro inspired laptops. Yesterday it released Asus NX500 which was super thin and today the company has churned out GX500. Like its cousin NX500, this gaming laptop features a 15. inch display packing a whopping 3840×2160 pixel resolution. The display covers 100 percent of NTSC color gamut.

asus gx500

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Asus U38N-DS81T

The Asus U38N-DS81T has just hit the shop’s shelves in US. It is a thin and light laptop for the business users with full HD touchscreen display. However, there are no business features on Asus U38N-DS81T. We wish it atleast came with business-sounding Windows 8 Professional OS, but even that is not the case as it comes with standard Windows 8 operating system.

Asus U38N-DS81T

Asus U38N-DS81T Specs include AMD Trinity APU A8-4555M which although is more than powerful to run any business application, but lacks advanced enterprise level features and hardware security.

Fortunately, if you love watching HD and full HD videos on your laptop, you will be glad to know Asus U38N-DS81T runs them butter smooth, thanks to the dedicated HD video decoder. The touch screen display is a big plus as it makes interacting with the laptop so much easy.

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Asus EB1505, EB1035 Specs, Price

Asus has expanded its mini PC lineup by launching two new EeeBox nettops, EB1505 and EB1035. It runs Windows 8 operating system, which runs nicely on even moderately powerful hardware. The Eeebox EB1035 has straight, sober lines and the whole unit is dressed in black. On the other hand, the Eeebox Eb1505 has more refined looks, with softer lines and more modern casing.

Asus EB1035

EB1035 measures 219 x 172.5 x 29 mm and weighs 690 grams, while the EB1505 measures 193 x 193 x 39 mm and weighs 1.2 Kilograms. Specs of both are almost the same.

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Asus G46VW specs

Asus has released a new ROG (republic of gamers) notebook dedicated to the, duh, gamers. Unlike other ROG notebooks, the new G46VW is quite portable as it packs ‘mere’ 14 inch screen instead of monstrous 17.3 or 18.4 inch displays (Example: Asus G74sx xn1).  Measuring 348 x 261 x 22mm, it weighs a modest 2.5 kilograms with its 6 cell battery, which makes it ideal for LAN gaming. Specs include Intel Core i5 3210m processor (optional Core i7 3610QM 2.3GHz processor), 14 inch screen, 1366  x 768 pixel resolution, 500/750GB HDD (optional addition of 128GB SSD), super DVD/blu-ray, 3x USB 3.0 ports, 2 headphone jack, microphone, VGA, HDMI, mini displayport, LAN, memory card reader, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, Sonic master audio system and one thunderbolt port.

asus g46vw

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