Buy Asus X101

The 200 dollar notebook from Asus is now up for pre-order at directron’s website. This is one of the first notebook featuring the open-source Meego operating system by Intel which is also one of the chief reason why the manufacture was able to offer it at such low cost.


This notebook features 10.1 inch display (1024 x 600) and comes with 8GB of flash storage. Since this is the cheapest model, it will be offered with the small 3-cell battery (2600mAh) and recently released Atom N435 ( processor. It has only 1GB DDR3 RAM and Bluetooth is also missing.

Update – Our Asus x101 review is up

The company will also be offering a hard disk version of it, Asus X101H which will come with Windows 7 instead. It is axiomatic that it will be a bit costlier. It hit the FCC’s headquarters last week so it should be get available here in US anytime soon. [directron’s link]