Asus Eee PC 1225B Review

Asus 1225B is the successor of popular Eee PC 1215B netbook. The 1225B is powered by the AMD E450 APU (accelerated processing unit) that also incorporates ATi Radeon HD 6320 graphics. Asus is now using Eee PC Flare design that looks more premium than all 12.1 inch Asus netbooks so far.


Asus 1225B has a 11.6 inch display, but packs same number of pixels as 12.1 inch models – 1366 x 768. The review unit sent to us came with 750GB hard disk, 4GB RAM and a 6 cell battery. We are pretty sure Asus will be selling a slower AMD C60 variant as well, just like the company was selling Asus 1215B with AMD C50.

The bezel is pretty thick and it is clear that Asus could have fitted in a 12.1 inch screen in there. Keyboard has not undergone any change, which is both good and bad. I personally own the Asus 1201T, the first AMD-powered netbook produced by the company and it is pity that Asus is still not using full size right shift key in its notebooks. Other than that, the tactile feedback is amazing and you can easily type a novel on it. Trackpad is more compact than ever. Dedicated left and right click buttons are a part of history now and you will have to use the quite-hard-to-press left and right buttons.


The display is good enough for indoor use. The viewing angles are pretty bad though. However, I am not complaining much as it is a common problem for such cheap notebooks. Coming to its performance, its AMD E450 is a very capable processor. I ran a full HD YouTube video and it ran smooth as butter, thanks to its ATi Radeon HD 6320 GPU with 80 shaders.

Under normal conditions, the GPU runs at 508MHz clock speed and automatically increases to 600MHz under Turbo mode. Some games can also be handled by its GPU (at low graphic detail). All in all, the APU handles basic chores like web browsing, office apps and video viewing like a champ. For the ones into benchmarks, it got 2932 in the PCMark 05 test. Battery life is around 5 hours in our web browsing test with brightness set to 50 percent and Wi-Fi.

Competition – HP DM1 with E450 processor.