Asus G74SX XN1

The G74SX XN1 is a gaming notebook from Asus and is a part of their ROG series (republic of gamers). It comes with a large 500GB hard disk and plenty of RAM. However, it is a bit on the expensive side at 1730 dollars. Powered by the Core i7 2630qm 2GHz processor, the G74SX XN1 features a huge 17.3 inch full HD display which has matte coating.


Graphics are handled by the very powerful Nvidia 560M GPU. Other specs include DVD super drive, 2 mega pixel webcam, Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi and backlit keyboard. Here is how the processor performs when compared to other popular Core i7 processors, including the top end i7 2960xm CPU.

Asus G74SX, successor of the popular G73SW, is a very powerful quad core computer rig that works fine in any task you might want to do on a computer – be it gaming, office editing, video editing or web surfing.

G74SX XN1 vs G74SX-A2

The A2 features an additional 160GB which can be used to reduce application and OS load time. A2 also comes with 16GB RAM (4 x 4 RAM sticks) and 750GB HDD instead of 8GB RAM and 500GB hard disk respectively.