Asus X101H hits FCC

Asus X101 Eee PC is the first sub notebook by a reputed manufacture that costs just 200 dollars. This notebook runs Meego, a Linux variant and comes with Garfunkel 8GB flash storage. Now, we are getting reports of a model called X101H that will boast the traditional hard drive and run Windows operating system.


This model has been spotted over at the FCC’s website which a big hint that it might make it to the US land. Other specs include 2x USB 2.0 ports, SD card slot, Ethernet jack and VGA port. The notebook will have removable battery and even RAM access panel that will allow the users to easily upgrade the RAM without dismantling the whole chassis. [fcc]

Our friends at mobilityupdate have posted a review of Asus X101H. Read it to know more about it.