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Alienware M11x: Download Nvidia Optimus Driver

While Dell does not officially support Windows 10 on Alienware M11x, there are ways by which you can download and install Nvidia Optimus driver on your laptop. When you install Windows 10 on Alienware

Dell XPS 1645 Windows 10 Upgrade, details inside

We just installed Windows 10 upgrade on my Dell XPS 1645 and it went fine except for some niggles here and there. Everything works out of box but if your Dell XPS 1645 came

Alienware 13 is the lightest gaming notebook from Dell

Dell has released Alienware 13 and claims that it is the lightest and smallest gaming notebook out there. It is the smallest of the current as the company used to offer M11x two years

Dell Vostro 2421

Dell is now selling Vostro 2421 in US and China. The starter model, Vostro 2421D-2108 comes with Celeron 1017U processor. The notebook features a anti-fingerprint coating shell to help reduce fingerprints. The keyboard is

Dell Latitude 3330 specs, price

Dell has released Latitude 3330, a laptop meant for school children. The Dell Latitude 3330 is a perfect example of how technology has brought down prices of normal notebooks, thanks to the ultrabook computers

Alienware M17x R4 2013 vs R3

Alienware, a Dell’s subsidiary is all set to launch M17x R4, the successor to the R3 M17x. The M17x R4 will pack even more powerful processor, probably top-of the line Ivy Bridge but other

Documents.library-ms is no longer working Error, Fix

The error “Documents.library-ms is no longer working” occurs when running Office 365 under Windows 8 operating system. It happens when you create a chart and trying to save a file. It works with Word,

Download Alienware Command Center for Windows 8

Folks at Dell have released Command Center for the Alienware notebooks running Windows 8 operating system. The new version v2.8 is also fully compatible with Windows 7 and brings myriad fixes and enhancements over

Alienware M18x R2 Eject Button under Windows 8

If you have installed Windows 8 on your Alienware M18x notebook, you might have noticed that the eject button no longer works under Windows 8 operating system. Dell, the parent company of Alienware has

Alienware M18x and Crysis 3

I just bought myself an Alienware M18x last week and immediately installed Crysis 3 to see how its Nvidia 680M SLI performs is like on this gaming laptop. Installation went fine but I was