Dell 15R with i3 3110M

If the $700 is too much to pay for the Dell 15r with i5 3210m processor, you might want to check out the significantly lower priced model that has same specs as Core i5 3210m model but comes with i3 3110m processor. Specs include 15. 6 inch screen, 1366  x 768 pixel resolution, Core i3 3110m processor, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 8x optical drive, HD 4000 graphics, Bluetooth 4.0, Centrino wireless 2230 Wi-Fi and Windows 8 operating system.

Dell 15R i3 3110M

Our Core i3 3110m benchmarks show that it is a very capable processor, scoring more than 3500 points in the passmark benchmark test. You can get it for just 399 dollars from microcenter’s website.

Dell 15R i3 3110m review

The i5 3210m was critisized to have just 4 hours of battery life, but that will change with this third generation i3 processor which is more efficient and less powerful.