Alienware M11x: Download Nvidia Optimus Driver

While Dell does not officially support Windows 10 on Alienware M11x, there are ways by which you can download and install Nvidia Optimus driver on your laptop. When you install Windows 10 on Alienware M11x, the latest Intel graphics driver is installed automatically.

Alienware M11x Download Nvidia Optimus Driver

After that, you must install the NVidia graphics driver for 335m Windows 10 (version 341.74) which you can download from here. Run it, let it decompress to C:\Nvidia folder and then end its task by using Windows task manager.

This folder will contain two INF files, copy those files to the NVidia folder. This is located here:

Overwrite those two files here . Then start device manager (right click on start button > device manager). Right click on the NVidia display driver, select uninstall, check the checkbox for "Delete the driver software", hit OK. This might give you some troubles as driver signing keeps kicking in and stops you. So to counter that, follow these steps.

Steps for downloading and installing Nvidia Optimus driver on Alienware M11x

1 – right click start button, system
2 – advanced system settings
3 – hardware
4 – device installation settings
5 – "no, let me choose what to do"
6 – "never install driver software from windows update". Make sure you have the "automatically get the device app… [cont.]" option checked.
7 – reboot and get to the startup menu. For this, reboot and as you see the windows blue symbol and the spinning circle of dots, power off the system, force it off and on, as it boots back up, look to see if it still has the spinning blue "wait" as it’s booting up. If it’s spinning blue dots, force it off again and try again, but if it says startup repair, then let it continue (it’s brute-force-like, but it works). After you get into the startup repair, just select "advanced options" and "startup menu" when you get to it, it’ll reboot then give you the startup menu.
8 – in the startup menu – select "disable driver signing"
9 – let it boot up, log in
10 – go to where your nvidia drivers decompressed and you moved the 2 inf files to (again, mine was located here:
11 – run setup.Exe
12 – I ran the "custom (advanced)" setup, uncheck "nvidia geforce experience", and check "perform a clean install".
13 – let it finish.

If you have looping at boot issue, go into BIOS and switch from Switchable to Discrete. This will allow the Windows 10 to complete the driver installation and then you will no longer have looping issue. After this, you can roll back to Switchable settings in BIOS and enjoy hybrid graphics functionality on your Alienware m11x laptop.