Dell 15R with i3 3110M

If the $700 is too much to pay for the Dell 15r with i5 3210m processor, you might want to check out the significantly lower priced model that has same specs as Core i5 3210m model but comes with i3 3110m processor. Specs include 15. 6 inch screen, 1366  x 768 pixel resolution, Core i3 3110m processor, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 8x optical drive, HD 4000 graphics, Bluetooth 4.0, Centrino wireless 2230 Wi-Fi and Windows 8 operating system.

Dell 15R i3 3110M

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Dell 15R with i5 3210M

Dell Insipiron 15R with Intel Core i5 3210M processor is an attractive Dell notebook with Skull candy speakers and super fast boot time. It sports a massive 1TB 5400RPM hard disk, Intel Core i5 3210M CPU, HD 4000 graphics, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 15.6 inch screen with 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, 6 cell battery and runs Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit operating system. Learn more about its processor in the Core i5 3210m benchmark post.

dell 15r 3210m

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Alienware AlienFX Themes

Just like any Alienware notebook, you get the ability to customize various lights and backlits on the M14x. You will be able to change the lights on the keyboard, logo and the colors on the front grille. You will also be able to change the border color of the touchpad. The AlienFX utility is extremely funny to use and we are sure you will spend a lot of time playing around with the color schemes.

Alienfx themes download

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Dell V131 Review

Our friends at mobility update were the first to break the news about the Dell Vostro V131. Vostro V131 is being aimed at the business men who are looking for a notebook with good stamina and battery life. Dressed in grey color, it can easily be mistaken for a Lenovo Ideapad. The notebook is powered by Intel Celeron 847, Core i5 2410M and i3 2310M Sandy Bridge processors and sports amazing 9 hour battery life.

Dell v131 review

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