Dell V131 Review

Our friends at mobility update were the first to break the news about the Dell Vostro V131. Vostro V131 is being aimed at the business men who are looking for a notebook with good stamina and battery life. Dressed in grey color, it can easily be mistaken for a Lenovo Ideapad. The notebook is powered by Intel Celeron 847, Core i5 2410M and i3 2310M Sandy Bridge processors and sports amazing 9 hour battery life.

Dell v131 review

Compared to last year’s model, Dell V130, it about 170 grams heavier, but that extra bulk is due to the 6 cell battery. Dell is offering it with the smaller 4 cell battery too, but we would not prefer to go with that as battery life with 4-cell is no way go going to reach 9 hours. Folks at notebookcheck already have the unit handy and they say that they love its display. The display that measures 13.3 inch packs 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and sports matte surface which would be appreciated by many, especially the ones that work under bright lights or direct sunlight.

They tested Core i5 2410M version which earned 7736 points in the PCMark Vantage test. Here is how it fares with the V130’s Core i5 470UM

Dell v131 vs v130

In the battery life tests, they were able to get 8 hours in the Wi-Fi test. Those are really great numbers from a Core i5 2410M notebook. Read full review here.

[via mobility update] <<–read about Intel 847 there

Specs – 320GB hard disk, 13.3 inch 1366 x 768 pixel display, Core i5 2410M / 2310M / Celeron 847, Intel HD Graphics 3000, 3x USB (2x 3.0, 1x 2.0), HDMI, LAN, card reader, fingerprint reader, 6 cell battery and Windows 7 Professional 64 bit OS.