HP Elitebook 2540p XT931UT

HP Elitebook 2540p XT931UT is a great notebook for those who are in the market for an ultra portable computer but want more power than what current netbook line up offers.

HP Elitebook 2540p XT931UT review specs

Specs – 12.1 inch display, 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, 4GB RAM, 320GB hard disk, Core i5 560M processor, Intel HD graphics, 6 cell battery and Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system. Find the review of the processor below.

The Core i5 560M processor runs at 2.66GHz clock speed and automatically over clocks itself to 3.2GHz under turbo mode. It has two cores that can handle up to 4 threads at a time. TDP of the processor is 35 watts, which is normal for a full voltage CPU. In the PC Mark Vantage benchmark test, the 560M processor got 6144 points, which is little higher than i5 480M that is being used in the Asus U36Jc NYC2. It smoked the Atom D2700, which is being in the new Asus VX6s netbook.

Intel core i5 560m review

Folks at newegg are offering it for just 600 dollars with free shipping.

  • Read more about the 480m in our Core i5 480m review.
  • Even the Core i5 2520m processor that was introduced in the last part of 2011 lost to the 560M in the benchmark test.