HP G6-1d18dx Review

The HP G6 1d18dx is a very affordable multimedia notebook that offers good battery life and decent performance to keep you up with your work and entertainment when you are on the move. For under 350 dollars, you get a pretty good hardware equipment and a HP branded notebook that generates very low heat and noise.

HP G6-1d18dx Review

We were able to spend some time with the machine and were not that impressed with the clattery keyboard and below average screen. Pictures and videos looked stale and had full of gloom on them. Performance is at par with the Intel Core i3 2367m processor that scored 3895 in the PCMark Vantage benchmark test.

Our machine that came AMD A4 3305M (successor of AMD A4 3300) APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) got mere 3672. AMD A4 3300m performed pretty much the same. Read its review – AMD A4 3300m review.

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This is good enough for a running office, web apps and for watching movies but certainly not enough to do heavy duty tasks like video editing and games.