Lenovo ThinkPad P52: the first laptop with 128 GB of RAM

Lenovo ThinkPad P52

The laptop assembler Lenovo, has just introduced its new Lenovo ThinkPad P52 computer. This new model will be the first laptop with 128 GB of internal RAM and a processor of the Xeon range of 6 cores and 12 threads, together with an NVIDIA Quadro P3200 graphics card, all this to be able to execute the most demanding applications. Many users may wonder what they would like a laptop with 128 GB of RAM. And it is true that, for a simple use, in a laptop 128 GB of RAM would be a barbarity. However, for the use that is usually given to portable workstations, to which the Lenovo ThinkPad P52 belongs, having 128 GB of storage for RAM is not unreasonable. We can not forget that this type of laptops are often used in certain tasks such as computer DTR (Desktop Replacement), such as graphic editing or 3D modeling. That is, professional tasks that do require a large amount of RAM available to the programs.

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Lenovo Ideapad G500S hard disk and RAM upgrade guide

Lenovo Ideapad G500S is an amazing laptop and just like most of the Ideapad laptops, it is very easy to upgrade the hard disk (to bigger HDD or SSD) and RAM. To upgrade the RAM, you will need to buy yourself DDR3L chips.

To upgrade either RAM or hard disk on the Lenovo Ideapad G500S, first unscrew the three screws that hold the back panel. Make sure you have removed battery just to be on the safe side. Slide the panel in north direction to take it off. On the top left side you will find one or two RAM chips depending on your laptop configuration.

Lenovo Ideapad G500S hard disk and RAM upgrade guide

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Lenovo Releases L440, L540, E440, E540

Lenovo has churned out 4 new models in the Thinkpad category, ThinkPad L440, L540, E440 and E540. From outside, nothing changes compared to older siblings in terms of design and size, although the outer casing feels more solid, thanks to the sturdy polycarbonate material. All use Precision keyboards and a strong three-button trackpad, which are identical to other laptops in Thinkpad category. The two 14-inch ThinkPad laptops, L440 and E440, offer a resolution of HD+, 1600 x 900 pixels, while the 15-inch laptops (ThinkPad L540 and E540) feature 1920 x 1080 pixel display that is anti-reflective and allow the user to equip it with a multitouch panel.

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Lenovo Thinkpad S440, S540 Specs Price

Lenovo has released a couple of new ultrabook laptops at the IFA 2013 event being held in Berlin. These laptops include Thinkpad S440 and S540. Both feature clean, simple design lines and excellent constructions thanks to the magnesium alloy body. Available in black color, these Thinkpad notebooks have floating type design which gives a illusion of a floating laptop.

Lenovo Thinkpad S440 specs

The keyboard is has AccuType layout which is also used in other Thinkpad notebooks like T430U and S430. It is spill resistant and features a three button trackpoint and trackpad without physical buttons.

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Lenovo ThinkPad S531 Specs Price

There is a new Thinkpad in town and it is called the Lenovo S531 which is a ultrabook laptop. While Lenovo has not provided any information on its thickness, it looks pretty thin in pictures. It has beveled side and front edges which gives an illusion of laptop floating over the surface.


This Lenovo notebook feels very premium thanks to the aluminum lid. Rest of the body has been given anodized finish. Palmrests, too are made of magnesium alloy material. The keyboard is backlit and has dedicated numberpad which will be appreciated by those who crunch in a lot of numbers.

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Lenovo U430, U330 Specs, Price

Lenovo has updated its ultrabook laptop lineup with its new Ideapad U330 and U430 models that feature that latest Intel Haswell processors. These new notebooks will replace the aging Lenovo U310 and Lenovo U410 that were introduced last year. You also get the option to get them with optional touchscreen displays, which are quite handy on a touch optimized operating system like Windows 8.

Lenovo U430, U330 review

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Lenovo T430u Review, Specs

Notebooks and desktop PC are loosing market share at fast page and tablets and so-called phablets are on the rise. Lenovo, on the hand, is still churning out excellent notebooks. Today, we are reviewing ThinkPad T430 notebook.

lenovo t430u review

Thinkpad T430u specs
Display: 14 inch WXGA (1366 x 768), Matte Processor: Intel Core i5 3317U (1.7 to 2.6 GHz) Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Memory: 4 GB DDR3 RAM (1600 MHz) Storage: 120GB SSD Interface: 2 x USB 3.0, card reader (SD), Mini DisplayPort, HDMI Connectivity: Wi-Fi b / g / n, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, UMTS Dimensions / Weight: 341 x 22 -23 x 237/1885 g Other features: fingerprint scanner, backlight keyboard.

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