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Lenovo W520 Windows 10 Compatibility

So the Lenovo has left the W520 off its Windows 10 compatibility list and this has surprised many as this is one of their premium laptops. Some are not even able to get Windows

Lenovo Z70-80 features brings high end features under 1000 euros

The Lenovo Z70-80 is the new 17 inch multimedia laptop that has recently surfaced on European shop online shops. It is available in stores for a price tag of somewhere between 700 and 900

Lenovo Ideapad G500S hard disk and RAM upgrade guide

Lenovo Ideapad G500S is an amazing laptop and just like most of the Ideapad laptops, it is very easy to upgrade the hard disk (to bigger HDD or SSD) and RAM. To upgrade the

Lenovo ThinkPad W540, a very powerful workstation

Lenovo has revamped its mobile workstation lineup with the new Thinkpad W540 notebook. It looks like a typical high quality Thinkpad notebook that is made using magnesium alloy that feels lightweight and sturdy at

Lenovo Releases L440, L540, E440, E540

Lenovo has churned out 4 new models in the Thinkpad category, ThinkPad L440, L540, E440 and E540. From outside, nothing changes compared to older siblings in terms of design and size, although the outer

Lenovo Thinkpad S440, S540 Specs Price

Lenovo has released a couple of new ultrabook laptops at the IFA 2013 event being held in Berlin. These laptops include Thinkpad S440 and S540. Both feature clean, simple design lines and excellent constructions

Lenovo ThinkPad S531 Specs Price

There is a new Thinkpad in town and it is called the Lenovo S531 which is a ultrabook laptop. While Lenovo has not provided any information on its thickness, it looks pretty thin in

Lenovo U430, U330 Specs, Price

Lenovo has updated its ultrabook laptop lineup with its new Ideapad U330 and U430 models that feature that latest Intel Haswell processors. These new notebooks will replace the aging Lenovo U310 and Lenovo U410

Lenovo T430u Review, Specs

Notebooks and desktop PC are loosing market share at fast page and tablets and so-called phablets are on the rise. Lenovo, on the hand, is still churning out excellent notebooks. Today, we are reviewing

Lenovo G780

The Lenovo G780 is a professional laptop for those who want a big display and strong performance. The G780 is powered by Intel Core i7 3632procesor that runs at 2.2GHz and features a massive