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Panasonic Toughbook CF-XZ6 is a rugged business laptop: Panasonic Toughbook CF-XZ6 specifications price

Panasonic Toughbook CF-XZ6 is a 2-in-1 detachable laptop meant for business usage. It is the lightest 12 inch laptop in the world, offering upto 14 hour battery life, Intel kabylake processor and a full

Best 12 inch laptop under 1000 dollars

A lot of business users prefer a 12 inch laptop under 1000 dollars over 13 and 14 inch laptops as they are way more easier to carry around. Believe it or not but even

Benefits of MIPS Chromebook laptops

Until now we have seen x86 chromium netbooks and ARM powered chromebook laptops. But soon we will see chrome OS-powered MIPS chromebook laptops. MIPS is currently owned by Imagination Technologies. Lately Coreboot which is

Fujitsu Stylistic Q775, Lifebook T935 and T725 specifications

During a Japanese event, Fujitsu officially launched its new Tablet PC with Intel fifth generation Core  i-series processors. Three devices were made official: first is the hybrid Stylistic Q775 laptop while the other two,

Fujitsu Lifebook U554, U754 specs price

Fujitsu has released two new Lifebook ultrabook notebooks called U554, and U754. Both are very similar notebooks and feature same specs. The shell of both is made of magnesium alloy and aluminum. Its design

Dosupara Galleria GM680D packs desktop processor, dual GPUs

Dosupara, a Japanese PC maker has released Galleria GM680D that is powered by the Core i7 3930K that runs at 3.2GHz clock speed. This is not your normal mobile processor. It is a full

Maingear Shift gaming desktop with Nvidia GK110 GPU

Nvidia has already said that it would be making only a limited number of GeForce Titan graphics cards and folks at Maingear have already chosen the Nvidia GK110 Titan GPU for their SHIFT gaming

Nvidia GK110 specs, pictures

Nvidia has introduced its most powerful graphics processing unit till now called the GK110. It is a high end GPU that is looks very similar to dual-GK104 GeForce GTX 690. Made with magnesium alloy

Fujitsu AH77, AH56

Fujitsu has released two new Lifebook AH notebooks today – AH77/K and AH56/K. The Lifebook AH56/K feature 15.6 inch display, Intel Core i7 3632QM processor, 8GB RAM, blu-ray and comes dressed in shiny black

System76 Bonobo Extreme Specs, Price

Ubuntu laptops generally do not come equipped with super fast processors or powerful GPUs and looks like System76, popular Ubuntu laptop and desktop vendor, wants to change that perception. The company has released Bonodo