Fujitsu T902

If you love high resolution screen of Vaio Z but do not want to get the Sony due to the company’s atrocious customer support, we suggest checking out the Fujitsu T902 that packs 1600 x 900 resolution in its 13 inch display. The screen has been Gorilla Glass treatment too to make it durable.


Powered by Core i5 or i7 Ivy Bridge processor, it feature upto 16GB of DDR3 RAM and WWAN / LTE radio to keep you connected while on the move. It also comes with a modular bay to add a spare battery or a hard disk / SSD / optical drive.

Fujitsu claims you will be able to get upto 11 hours of continuous runtime with it, which we assume requires you buy a second battery too. Enterprise folks – rejoice as it features TPM and Computrace support, but unfortunately lacks fingerprint and v-Pro chips. It will retail for 1900 dollars and up.