Tesco Notebook

Tesco is a very popular grocery store that has been selling notebooks and laptops from quite sometime. For those who do not know, it is one of the biggest, in fact, third largest retailer. The company offers a notebook from everyone and of every size. Technologies being used in notebooks change after couple of years and you should keep that in mind when buying a notebook. However, certain components are upgradable while some are not – those things shall also be taken into consideration.


For example: Only few notebooks allow you to swap the hard disk and RAM by unscrewing few screws from the bottom. This is essential if the user wishes to upgrade the hard disk or RAM in future. If you are a power user or a gamer, you can go for their high end notebooks packing 17.3 inch full HD display and high end graphic cards. Gamers now consider notebooks too when searching for perfect gaming machine, thanks to some novel breakthroughs that have happened recently. Almost all the new games can now be handled by these notebooks with ease at high or medium settings.


Regarding Tesco warranty, keep in mind that any advice that comes from Tesco will be limited in nature. They provide limited service warranty and completely rely on third parties such as Acer, HP and so on to get the computers repaired. For example: if your notebook develops a fault, it will have to be shipped back to the manufacture and Tesco will not do anything about it even if you buy their extended warranties.