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Processors / CPU Benchmarks

Core i3 3120M Benchmark

The Intel Core i3 3210M is a dual core CPU that is based on the 22nm Ivy Bridge architecture. It runs at 2.5GHz clock speed and does not supports turbo boost, so the cores

Core i3 2375M Benchmark

The Intel Core i3 2375M is a dual core processor meant to be used in slim laptops. It has a TDP of 17 watts which means it generates very little heat. The CPU was

Core i5 3320M benchmark

The Intel Core i5 3320M is a dual core processor that can handle four threads simultaneously, thanks to support for hyperthreading. It runs at 2.6GHz clock speed and automatically overclocks to 3.3 GHz under

Core i7-3632QM benchmark

The Intel Core i7 3632QM is a quad core processor laptops that runs at 2.2GHz under normal mode and 3.2GHz under turbo boost mode. It has 6MB of L3 cache and 1MB L2 cache.

Core i7-3840QM benchmark

The Intel Core i7 3840QM is a quad core processor for high end laptops. It is based on Ivy Bridge architecture and runs at 2.8GHz clock speed which increases to 3.6GHz under turbo boost

Pentium B980 Benchmark

Intel Pentium B980 is a dual core CPU for cheap notebooks. B980 is based on sandy bridge architecture and runs at 2.4GHz clock speed. It lacks turbo boost and thus, cannot overclock itself like

Core i3 2377m benchmark

The Intel Core i3 2377m is a sandy bridge processor that is being used in three entry level, cheap laptops right now. First is the Toshiba U845, second is HP Envy 4 1015dx and

Core i7 3940XM Benchmark

The i7 3940XM is a quad core processor for high end laptops. It is the fastest processor for laptops, even faster than the i7 3920xm processor. It runs at 3GHz and overclocks to 3.9GHz

AMD E1 1200 Benchmark

E1 1200 is based on the AMD E300 processor and offers slightly better performance as it runs at a slightly higher clock speed. E1 1200 runs at 1.4GHz clock speed and has two cores

Core i7 3612QM Benchmark

The Core i7 3612QM processor a super fast quad core processor based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. It supports hyperthreading with which can handle upto 8 threads simultaneously. Its cores run at 2.1GHz clock