AMD A4 3300M Benchmark

AMD A4 3300M is one of the many Llano processors of the AMD range. Just like other APUs, it comes equipped with Ati Radeon HD 6480G GPU. The processor runs at 1.9GHz clock speed which overclocks itself to 2.5GHz under turbo mode. Its GPU is fully DirectX 11 capable and offers 240 cores which run at 444MHz clock speed.


AMD A4 has two cores and can handle 2 threads at a time. TDP of the AMD A4 is 35W and is thus meant to be used in big notebooks (13 inch plus). The CPU supports 64 bit operating system and has 2MB L2 cache. It scored 3675 in the PCMark Vantage benchmark test, which is average when compared to Core i series.

As you can see in the aforementioned chart, A4 3300M yielded better performance than AMD K345 and of course, made C50’s numbers look dwarf.  It is being offered in HP G6 1100 notebook in case you are searching for an AMD A4 notebook. Also check out our AMD A6 3400m review.

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