AMD A4 3305M, 3320M, 3330MX

AMD has introduced a slew of new A4 APU, namely 3305M, 3320M and 3330MX. First is the AMD 3305M which is set to replace the AMD A4 3300M and has 1MB of L2 cache. Second is A4 3320M which has 2MB of L2 cache. Read Amd A4 3305m review.


Next is the AMD A4 3330MX which runs at 2.2GHz under normal condition and at 2.6GHz when its turbo core is activated. ATi Radeon HD 6480G is used in all of these new AMD A4 processors.

AMD A4 3305M vs 3300M – While the GPU is same in both of the APUs, it is interesting to note that GPU in 3300M offers 240 cores (at 444MHz) and GPU in 3305M offers 160 cores (at 593MHz).

Below given chart explains other differences.

Model     Cores        Freq    Turbo    L2      TDP
A4-3305M    2       1.9 GHz   2.5 GHz    1MB    35W
A4-3320M    2        2 GHz    2.6 GHz    2MB    35W
A4-3330MX   2       2.2 GHz   2.6 GHz    2MB    45W

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