AMD A6 3400M Benchmark, Review

AMD A6-3400M is a processor for entry level notebooks which comes integrated with ATi Radeon HD 6520G graphics card. It runs at 1.4GHz clock speed which can overclock itself to 2.3GHz under Turbo more. There are four cores that can handle up to four threads at a time. TDP of this 32nm processor is 35 watts.

amd a6 3400m review

The processor has full 64 bit operating system support. In the PCmark vantage 64 bit test on our test machine, Asus K53TA, we were able to get 3591 as the gross PCMark score. In the gaming score that measures the GPU power, we got 3733.

ati radeon hd 6520g review

AMD A4 3300m vs A6: The AMD A4 3300M that we reviewed earlier, got a higher score (3676) in the aforementioned test which is not surprising since it ran at a faster speed. However, the GPU Radeon HD 6520G is faster than the 6480G which is being used in AMD A4.