AMD A6 4400M benchmark review

The AMD A6 4400m is a dual core CPU that is based on the latest Trinity “Piledriver” architecture. The 4400m comes integrated with AMD Radeon HD 7520G GPU. While the company claims that it is a dual core, we beg to disagree since it has only one module with 1 floating point and 2 integer cores. It runs at 2.7GHz and auto overclocks to 3.2GHz when its turbo core is activated.

Here are its benchmark results (Lenovo N586 notebook):

1) PCMark vantage – 4427
2) Cinebench R10: Rendering Single CPUs 64Bit – 2990
3) 3DMark Vantage: P CPU no PhysX 1280×1024 – 3304
4) Passmark – 2575

AMD A6 4400M benchmark review

TDP of this AMD A6 APU (accelerated processing unit) is 35 watts, which makes it usable only in big, mainstream notebooks. Ultrabooks require processors with under 20 watt  TDP and so, this does not qualify.
Other AMD processors review:

*) AMD E2 1800 – got 774 in passmark benchmark test
*) AMD E2 3000M – got 2281
*) AMD A6 3400M – got 2960