AMD E1 1200 Benchmark

E1 1200 is based on the AMD E300 processor and offers slightly better performance as it runs at a slightly higher clock speed. E1 1200 runs at 1.4GHz clock speed and has two cores that can handle 2 threads at a time.

AMD E1 1200

TDP is 18 watts which makes it perfect for entry level and cheap notebooks. Check out AMD E300 benchmark.

Graphics of E1 1200 is handled by AMD Radeon HD 7310 GPU that has 80 shaders and UVD3 video processor. Here are its benchmark results:

1) 3DMark 05 – 886
2) PCMark Vantage – 2246
3) Cinebench R10: Rendering Single CPUs 64Bit – 1008
4) Passmark – 722

AMD E1 1200 Benchmark

Compared to other mini notebook and entry level laptops processors, the score in all benchmarks are pretty good. The AMD E300 scored 2247; Atom D2700 got 2686. Its bigger brother, E2 1800 got almost same D2700, that is 2269. Check out AMD E2 1800 benchmark.

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