AMD E1 1200, E2 1800

AMD is all set to refresh its whole Brazos lineup once again with Brazos 2.0. The new generation will bring new Zacate processors as well. First will the E1 1200 that will replace the not-so-popular AMD E300 APU. We reviewed E300 sometime back and it was not that bad in terms of performance. The E1 will run at 1.4GHz clock speed and will feature a new GPU called ATi Radeon HD 7310. All this will run on a new chipset, AMD A68m. Check out AMD E1 1200 benchmark.

Update – The review of E2 1800 is up now. Click here to read it.

AMD E1 1200 E2 1800

A68m brings some amazing features like RAID 0 and RAID 1 support to the tablet. Next up is the AMD E2 1800 that is supposed to be the replacement for the popular AMD E450 processor (discussed in the Intel Atom N2800 benchmark / review). The E2 will run at 1.7GHz and will feature ATi Radeon HD 7430 GPU clocked at 523MHz (and 680MHz under Turbo mode). The CPU part will also receive the Turbo mode, something that is not present in the E450.

Release date is said be sometime in Q1 2012. In the meantime, feel free to check out AMD E2 3000M review which is being used in the Dell Vostro 3555 notebook.

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