AMD E2 1800 Benchmark

Back in October 2011 was the first time we mentioned about the Brazos 2.0 CPUs, the AMD E1 1200 and E2 1800. Most of the notebook models that were earlier being offered with AMD Brazos 1.0 chips are now being upgraded to AMD Brazos 2.0 chips that include AMD E1 1200 and E2 1800. First, it was HP DM1z with E1 1200, E2 1800 and few days back, Lenovo churned out Thinkpad X130e’s successor, the Thinkpad X131e with E2 1800.

AMD E2 1800 Benchmark

The E2 1800 has two cores capable of handling upto 2 threads at a time. It has 1MB L2 cache and runs at clock speed of 1.7GHz. It has TDP of 18 watts, which is 1 watt higher than then latest ULV processors for ultrabooks. It comes with ATi Radeon HD 7340 GPU too that offers 80 shaders and UVD3 video processor which makes it as fast Nvidia ION GPU.

In the PCMark vantage benchmark test, it got 2669. In the Passmark benchmark test on our new Lenovo X131e, the AMD E2 1800 scored 774, which is good enough for multitasking. Our notebook handled web browsing like a champ. We had multiple web browser tabs opened and it did not slow down at all. We were also able to stream music without hiccups and edit documents simultaneously. However, it is not the best choice for editing video as neither the CPU or GPU are powerful enough for those tasks. That said, the GPU is more than enough capable for playing full HD content easily.

AMD E1 1200 Benchmark

Some Atom processors were also able to get more or less same passmark score. The D2700 got 818, while the Atom N2800 (read Atom N2800 review) got 723. Even the Atom D525 from the yester year got 714. Check out Atom D2700 review

Verdict – Brazos 2.0 met our expectations but did not blow us away. That said, it is very capable for doing everyday jobs like web browsing and office work.

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