AMD E2 3000M Benchmark, Review

AMD E2 3000M is o0ne of the processors in the Llano range along with E300, E350 and E450. Currently, only Dell is offering Vostro 3555 notebook. The E2 3000M runs at 1.8GHz clock speed under normal mode and at 2.4GHz under Turbo mode. It has two cores that can handle up to to threads at a time.


TDP of the E2 is 35 watts which is pretty high compared to the AMD E300 / E350 / E240 that have 18 watts TDP. This Llano APU also comes with ATi Radeon HD 6380G that has 160 cores at 400MHz clock speed. That said, our Dell notebook handled 720p YouTube and local videos like a charm. 1080p video was jittery though.

amd e2 3000m benchmark

As you can see, it delivered similar performance as the Core i3 2310m processor which is not slow by any means. It delivered much more power than the popular AMD K345 and E350 processors.

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