AMD E300 Review, Benchmark

AMD E300 is a part of the E series APU that the company is targeting for netbooks and entry level notebooks. It has two cores that can handle up to two threads at a time. E300 also has an integrated ATi Radeon HD 6310 GPU that has 80 shaders and a UVD3 video processor.

amd e300 review

E300 has a TDP of 18 watts which is same as E350 and E240. However, E300 runs at 1.3GHz clock speed which is lower than E350 (1.6GHz) and E240 (1.5GHz). Performance-wise, you will not notice a lot of difference in real life between E300 and E350. Toshiba is already using this processor in the L735D.

amd e300 benchmark

That said, you will find the performance noticeably better than the E240 as latter has only 1 core and 1 thread.   We were able to spend some time with the Toshiba L735D notebook powered by this processor and honestly, we found it to be adequate for watching videos and for running office apps. You will also be able to full HD videos with ease, thanks to the powerful ATi Radeon HD 6310 GPU. Battery life with a 6 cell battery should be around 4-5 hours.

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