Atom N2600 Benchmark

Intel Atom N2600 is a very powerful dual core processor meant to be used in netbooks and x86 powered tablets. The processor supports hyper threading technology and runs at 1.6GHz clock speed. Graphics department is handled by Intel HD 3600 integrated GPU that runs at 400MHz. The Atom N2600 still supports up to 2GB DDR3 RAM, which does not look too good in 2012, where most AMD powered netbooks (like Asus 1225B Eee PC – come with atleast 4GB RAM.

Atom N2600 Benchmark

The CPU is also fully DirectX 10.1 compatible and is currently being used in Asus X101CH netbook. Thanks to good relations with Asus, I had a chance to run PCMark Vantage benchmark which is a good indicator of how well the processor fares with other processors in the market.

Atom N2600 Review

The N2600 got 1493 in the PCMark Vantage benchmark test which is higher than the Atom N455 that is being used in majority of the netbooks. That said, it is still much slower than the D2700 which is being used in Asus VX6s, a 12.1 inch Lamborghini branded notebook. Intel HD 3600 GPU that comes integrated on the unit attained 462 in the 3D Mark 05 benchmark test.

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