Atom N2800 Review, Benchmark

Intel Atom N2800 was introduced earlier this year and is being targeted towards tablets and netbooks, just like other Atom processors. However, unlike the popular Atom N455, which has only one core, the Atom N2800 comes with two cores which are able to handle four threads at a time.


The N2800 runs at 1.86GHz clock speed, which is higher than its kin, Atom N2600 CPU. Maximum RAM supported by the chip is 4GB DDR3 (2x) 64 bit single channel. Graphics are handled by PowerVR SGX545 which support native decoding of H.264, WMV9 as well as MP4 (part 2). TDP of Intel N2800, a 32nm processor, is said to be 6.5 watts.


Update – I was able to run PCMark Vantage benchmark on my review unit and here is how it fares with other processors:


Here is how its PowerVR GPU fares with other GPUs in the same category. As you can see, the performance . It is nothing against superior netbooks processors like AMD E450 (that come with ATi 6320), C50 (has ATi 6250) and E350 (comes with ATi Radeon HD 6310) that were tested by


The N2800’s chip also has full support for HDMI v1.3a as well as DisplayPort 1.1. It will be sold for 47 dollars to the notebook manufactures which is lower than Atom N455 that is being sold for 64 dollars to the manufactures.

Other processor benchmarks:

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