Core i3 2330m Review, benchmark

Intel Core i3 2330m is an entry level Sandy Bridge processor for the budget notebooks. It is the successor to the Core i3 2310m that enjoyed a lot of success last year and this year as well. In comparison, the 2330m runs 0.1GHz faster at 2.2GHz. As expected the turbo boost is disabled as Intel has reserved it for the Core i5 and i7 processors.

Core i3 2330m benchmark

TDP is 35 watts which is, again, same as 2310m. Here are its benchmark results. In in the Cinebench 11.5, we got 2.61 pts which shows significant improvement over the 2310m’s score which is 2.01.

Core i3 2330m review

In the PCMark Vantage test, we got 6600 which is better than 2310m’s score of 5445. Believe us, 2310m was not a slow processor by any means. Thus, you can expect things to be faster on 2330m. Keep in mind that Atom Z670 and AMD E300 processors are mentioned in the chart (given at the top) just to make the 2330m look over powerful.

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