Core i3 2377m benchmark

The Intel Core i3 2377m is a sandy bridge processor that is being used in three entry level, cheap laptops right now. First is the Toshiba U845, second is HP Envy 4 1015dx and third is the Acer B113 that was released in July this year. The i3 features Intel HD 3000 graphics since it is a Sandy bridge processor and all sandy bridge CPUs come with HD 3000 graphics (except celeron and Pentium branded CPUs).

Core i3 2377m benchmark

The i3 2377m runs at 1.5GHz clock speed; has 3MB L3 cache and 2 cores that are capable of handling upto 4 threads at a time. TDP of 2377m is 17 watts which makes it ideal for cheap ultra thin laptops. Here are its benchmark results:

1) PCMark Vantage – 3679
2) Cinebench R10: Rendering Multiple CPUs 64Bit – 4930
3) 3DMark Vantage – 4960
4) Passmark – 1889

The performance of the i3 2377m is very good and at par with the Core i3 3217u that is being used in ultrabooks.

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