Core i3 3120M Benchmark

The Intel Core i3 3210M is a dual core CPU that is based on the 22nm Ivy Bridge architecture. It runs at 2.5GHz clock speed and does not supports turbo boost, so the cores cannot overclock. The i3 3120M is accompanied by 3MB L3 cache, 0.5MB L2 and 128KB L1 cache.

Core i3 3120M Benchmark review

The i3 3210M has a TDP of 35 watts, which makes it ideal for mainstream notebooks only. You get Intel HD 4000 graphics that are clocked at 650MHz-1.1GHz. The i3 3120M is about 10 percent faster than the i3 2370M which is also a full voltage processor. We were able to get 3560 in the passmark benchmark test, which is a great score for an entry level processor. Core i3 2350m benchmark.

Core i3 3120M Benchmark

As you can see, the i3 2350M got 2923 and i3 2375M scored 1597 in the Passmark benchmark test respectively. Core i3 2375m benchmark.


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