Core i5 2430m Benchmark, Review

Core i5 2430m is one of the new sandy bridge processors that comes with two cores capable of handling up to four threads. TDP of 2430m is 35 watts which is 10 watts less than core i7 2670qm that we reviewed few days back. Like other sandy bridge processors, it has integrated Intel GMA 3000 graphics. Currently, a variety of Sony Vaio notebooks (SB3, SE1, F23, SE) are being offered with this processor.

intel core i3 2430m review

2430m runs at 2.4GHz and automatically over clocks itself to 3GHz under turbo mode. Compared to Core i5 2537m, that scored 1.8 in the Cinebench 11.5, the 2430m got 2.4.

Update – We just completed the PCmark Vantage benchmark test and it got 6962 points.

Core i5 2430m benchmark

In real world, the processor packs enough punch to process 1080p video. It also handled daily jobs like web surfing and office apps like a charm. Here are the links to other processors used in the video: