Core i5 3320M benchmark

The Intel Core i5 3320M is a dual core processor that can handle four threads simultaneously, thanks to support for hyperthreading. It runs at 2.6GHz clock speed and automatically overclocks to 3.3 GHz under turbo boost mode. The i5 3320M is accompanied by 3 MB L3 cache.

Core i5 3320M benchmark

Since the Core i5 3320M is a full voltage processor, the TDP is 35 watts. Here are its benchmark results:

1) PCMark Vantage: 12111
2) Cinebench R10: Rendering Multiple CPUs 64Bit – 11658
3) Passmark – 3983

Core i5 3320M processor is used in Lenovo T430 and Lenovo X230 laptops.

Core i5 3320m vs core i7 3520m

In the PCMark Vantage benchmark test, the Core i7 3520M got 14496, about 2000 more than the i5 3320M. Check out Core i5 3520m benchmark.