Core i7 2640M Benchmark, Review

Intel Core i7 2640M is the successor to the immensely popular Core i7 2630QM processor. The major difference is the clock speed. The 2630QM runs at 2GHz clock speed and 2.9GHz when in Turbo mode. On the other hand, the 2640M runs at 2.8GHz and 3.5GHz under Turbo mode.

Core i7 2640M review

TDP has been reduced to just 35 watts from 45 watts of 2630QM which will help improve the battery runtimes. However, cores and threads have been reduced to 2 and 4 respectively (2630QM had 4 cores, 8 threads). So, how do these processors compare performance wise?

Core i7 2640M Benchmark

The Core i7 2630M performed like a champ in our Cinebench R11.5 CPU 64 bit benchmark test. It scored more than most popular Core i series processor, 2410M but was no match for its predecessor 2630QM (mentioned in our Core i5 2557 review) or the even more powerful 2720QM.

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