Core i7 2657M Benchmark

The Intel Core i7 2657M is an ultra low voltage processor that is clocked at 1.6GHz clock speed under normal mode and overclocks itself to 2.7GHz in single core mode and 2.4GHz in dual core mode. The Core i7 2657M comes integrated with Intel HD 3000 graphics and is based on the Arrandale architecture. This brings improvements like Turbo 2.0 and integrated graphics card which reduces overall notebook cost as well.


The GPU runs at 350MHz under normal mode and at 1GHz under Turbo mode. As mentioned earlier, the 2657M is a dual core processor and can handle 4 threads at a time. TDP of the system is just 17 watts and is ideal for being used in slim notebooks. In PCmark benchmark test, it scored 10436 which is an amazing score for such a low powered processor. This means that it is faster than Core i5 2520M and of even i7 2630QM which is one of the fastest notebook processors we have tested till date.


That said, it is still no match for the mighty Core i7 2920XM which is used in gaming notebooks like Alienware M18x. The Core i7 2657M is being used in Alienware M11x R3 notebook which also happens to be the best portable gaming mini notebook out there.