Core i7 2760qm Benchmark, Review

Core i7 2760QM is one of the latest processors that will eventually replace the Intel Core i7 2720QM which is being used in many high end notebooks. Like other sandy bridge processors, it comes with integrated Intel HD graphics 3000. 2760QM runs at 2.4GHz clock speed under normal mode and overclocks itself to 3.5GHz under Turbo mode.

Core i7 2760qm Benchmark

TDP is 45 watts, so clearly it is not meant to be used ultrabooks. There are four cores that handle up to four threads at a time. The benchmarks were done on a notebook with ATi Radeon HD 6990M GPU (that scored 26106 in the 3Dmark 05 GPU benchmark) and 128GB SSD. Here is how it fares with the Core i7 2640m, 2630qm and 2537m.

Core i7 2760qm review

Sony is already offering Vaio SE with Core i7 2760qm CPU.