Core i7 3630QM benchmark

The Core i7 3630QM is a quad core processor based on Ivy Bridge architecture. It has four cores that are capable of handling upto 8 threads, thanks to hyperthreading. 3630QM runs at 2.4GHz clock speed that automatically overclocks to 3.4GHz under turbo boost mode. This CPU is meant for serious gamers and is being used in the latest ROG and Alienware gaming notebooks. Asus is using it in the G46VW.

It has 6MB L3 cache and TDP of 45 watts. Here are its benchmark results:

1) 3DMark Vantage: P CPU no PhysX 1280×1024 – 22161
2) Cinebench R10 – 17912
3) Cinebench R11.5: CPU Multi 64Bit – 6.5
4) Passmark – 7367

Core i7-3630QM benchmark

The Passmark score blew us away! Why, because the just reviewed Core i3 3217U (meant for ultrabooks) got mere 2264 and that is not a slow CPU at all. The i7 3630QM is strictly for those who want to use their notebooks for gaming and 3D designing. That said, the fastest mobile CPU is still the Core i7 3920XM that got 9364 in the passmark benchmark test. Check out Core i7-3840QM benchmark.

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