Core i7-3920XM Benchmark

The Intel Core i7 2920XM was the fastest Sandy Bridge laptop processor till date. With the introduction of 22nm manufacturing technology in Ivy Bridge, Intel was able to raise the bar again and introduced Core i7-3920XM which is the fastest Ivy Bridge processor. The 3920XM runs at 2.9GHz (same as i7 3520m CPU) and overclocks to mind boggling 3.8GHz in turbo boost mode.

Core i7-3920XM Benchmark

TDP has increased to 55 watts, up from 35 watts in 2920XM, but so has the performance. Its benchmark results brought tears of joys when we run our usual benchmark apps on the Alienware M18x R2, our review unit.

Core i7 3610QM vs 3920XM benchmark

Alienware M18x R2’s base model is offered with Core i7 3610qm that also got 20000 plus score.
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Our friends at did a benchmark of Core i7 3820QM and they obtained 6187 in the same Cinebench R10 test and we included their values in our review. Read their i7 3820qm benchmark review if you are interested in that processor.