Core i7 3940XM Benchmark

The i7 3940XM is a quad core processor for high end laptops. It is the fastest processor for laptops, even faster than the i7 3920xm processor. It runs at 3GHz and overclocks to 3.9GHz under turbo boost mode. It has 4 cores capable of handling 8 threads simultaneously. The processor alone costs a thousand dollars and is thus meant for high end gaming laptops only. Here are its benchmark results:

Core i7 3940XM Benchmark

1) Cinebench R10: Rendering Multiple CPUs 64Bit – 25624
2) 3DMark 06 – 7203
3) Passmark – 10490

The i7 3920XM got 9418 in the passmark test, almost 800 more than the 3940XM processor. Check out Core i7 3920xm benchmark. The Fastest sandy bridge processor, i7 2920XM got 7388 in passmark, which clearly shows how much technology has progressed in past 1.5 years. Find out more about it in Core i7 2920xm benchmark.


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