Intel B950 benchmark

Intel has unveiled B950, a new Sandy Bridge based processor for entry level notebooks and just like Core i3 series, it has its Turbo Boost feature deactivated. B950 runs at 2.1GHz clock speed and comes with 2MB L3 cache. There are two cores present in the processor which can handle 2 threads at a time. TDP of the processor is said to be 35 watts.


The Intel Pentium B950, a 32nm CPU has full 64 bit operating system support. The Intel Pentium B940, on the other hand, runs at 2.0GHz clock speed and has 2MB L3 cache. TDP, number of cores and threads it can handle are same as well. So, the only difference is in their clock speed – 0.1GHz difference.


As you can see in the chart given above, the passmark score of B950 is 1982 which is close to 1978 score attained by B940. The performance of Core i3 2310M is little better than B950 and B940, but not that much.