Intel Celeron 847 Benchmark

The Celeron 847 processor was launched few months ago and it first made its appearance on the Dell V131 notebook. Based on Sandy Bridge platform, this Intel processor runs at 1.1GHz clock speed. Like the new ultrabook CPUs (example: Core i3 2367m), it has a TDP of 17 watts. Like i3 processors, the Celeron 847 has turbo boost feature deactivated, which means the CPU cannot overclock itself under demanding situations.

Intel Celeron 847 Benchmark review

We performed passmark benchmark of it and got 949 in the test, which is not that impressive to be honest. In fact, the newly launched Intel Celeron 877 got 1450 in the same test. The performance, however, is more than acceptable for everyday needs. For instance, the Atom Z670 released in 2011 got 266 in passmark and Core i5 2350m scored 2926.

Intel Celeron 847 Benchmark review

We only recommend it to be used by businessmen and students. The notebook features Intel HD graphics 2000 that can handle HD video, but not full HD, which is why we cannot recommend it to the multimedia professionals and gamers.

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