Intel Celeron 867 Benchmark

Intel Celeron 867 is a ULV processor with two cores for the entry level notebooks. Based on the sandy bridge architecture, it runs at 1.3GHz clock speed. Even though its chipset supports turbo boost and hyperthreading, they are deactivated as it is a low end chip.

Intel Celeron 867 Benchmark review

TDP of the chip is 17 watts, at par with ultrabooks. However, its passmark score of 1241 makes it just average when compared to full voltage Core i5 or i7 processors like i5 3360M and i7 3520m that got a massive 4560 and 4206 respectively. That said, it is still higher than Intel Celeron 847 (949).

Its immediately kin, the Celeron 877 got 1450 in the passmark test. The GPU on the Celeron 867 is Intel HD 2000 graphics that is clocked at 350MHz (to 1GHz).

Specs  – 128kb l2 cache, 2MB l3 cache, 2 cores, 2 threads, 17 watts TDP, 32nm manufacturing technology and full 64 bit support.

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